Financial Analyst & Portfolio Manager / CIIA

The CIIA program provides the necessary knowledge for investment professionals on capital market topics and their regulatory environment.

Higher Federal Diplom / CIIA

Intermediate exam

Wealth Manager CIWM /
Associate Wealth Manager AWM
ISO/SAQ: direct access to CIWM

With CIWM to comprehensive competence for client advisors in the environment of increasingly complex financial products and investment opportunities

Higher Federal Diploma / CIWM

AWM: Cord knowledge program in wealth management, financial instruments, regulation and tax

Federal Diploma / AWM

Financial Market Operator FMO /
Financial Market Technician FMT

FMO: deepening of the knowledge completed by investment funds and management of operations

Higher Federal Diploma FMO

FMT: basic training in financial institutions, trade and post trade functions, custodian activities and financial instruments

Federal Diploma FMT

Preparatory courses in mathematics and accounting

Optional preparation courses to be fully prepared for the study programs, recommended for participants without extensive previous knowledge. for more information.

Continuous professional development seminars, SAQ and FinSA compliant

AZEK is committed to help you to keep your knowledge up to date. With our campus seminars you can refresh your knowledge of current financial market topics and stay informed about new developments. The seminars are open to all interested persons. to the program.

Subsidies for the AZEK courses

As part of the promotion of higher vocational education and training, the Confederation supports AZEK courses. 50% of the training costs borne by students are reimbursed by the Confederation after completion of the final examination. More information on the federal contributions can be found at here.

Training programs and exams

  • Get more information in one of our information events in Zurich or Geneva
  • Download the application forms here
  • The teaching venues are centrally located and equipped with modern infrastructure
  • Find here all information about the examinations

Learning support & online Training

  • In-class teaching with experienced and renown lecturers
  • Modern online learning platform with videos, interactive apps, podcasts
    • Individual tracking of learning progress
    • Moderated forums
    • Chapter quizzes, examination simulation, archive of past exams
    • Hardware and browser independent scripts


  • Promotion of the diplomas on a worldwide scale with the international associations ACIIA and AIWM
  • Recognition and partnerships internationally


The teaching language is German in Zurich and French in Geneva. The majority of the study documentation is written in English. Exceptions is the basic knowledge program in wealth management, available also in German and French. The examination languages are English, French, German and Italian. To get an impression of the required English level, please find here some document examples:

Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management (CIIA)
Wealth Management (CIWM)
Financial market operations (FMO)