Learning Support

  • In-class teaching and/or distance-learning based on individual needs
  • Experienced and renown lecturers
  • Modern online learning platform with videos, apps, podcasts, moderated forums, support for exam preparation


  • Federal and international Diplomas
  • Core and advanced knowledge level qualifications
  • Compact programs: 1 semester to Swiss Diploma + 1 semester to Swiss Diploma of Higher Education
  • Internationally recognized in Europe, Asia, America, Africa


  • Since 1990 we have been qualifying more than 4'900 financial professionals to highly qualified specialists
  • Quality is key – of the lecturers, the study platform and in students’ tutoring


  • Continuous professional development and network events with SFAA, the financial analysts association and AZEK's alumni organisation, with more than 2'900 members


  • 50% of the training expenses (excluding exam costs) are refunded by the Swiss Confederation


    Voices of our graduates