Today, clients expect sustainable investment solutions from their financial service provider that are also attractive from a financial point of view. Sustainable investments are therefore an important trend, which is reflected in a growing range of products and strong inflows of funds. The inclusion of environmental, social and ethical criteria (ESG criteria) in investment decisions requires financial professionals to have in-depth knowledge of the complex interplay of these ESG factors. The ESG-CA course qualifies advisors to competently inform their clients about ESG and to suggest the right sustainable investment solution for them.

Learning objectives:

  • You will be able to distinguish and assess different types of sustainable investments
  • Know the needs of sustainable and value-oriented investors
  • You will be able to assess client needs with the help of a client typology
  • You can advise clients professionally and meet their needs
  • You can support your company in setting up investment solutions and integrating them into the client advisory process


  • Module 1: Market overview
    • Market overview: concepts and classification of sustainable investments, stakeholders
    • Regulatory developments and trends
    • Growth factors
  • Module 2: Investment strategies, focus on the climate
    • What do ESG or sustainability strategies look like in concrete terms?
    • Advantages and disadvantages of different strategies
    • Climate change: Identification and reduction of climate risks as well as investment strategies for the promotion of climate-friendly technologies and companies
  • Module 3: Advisory focus
    • Professional advice to different types of sustainable investors
    • Evaluation of client needs with regard to sustainable investments
    • Knowing the key motives of clients for sustainable investments
    • Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of different strategies
  • Module 4: Product perspective
    • Identify, differentiate and assess sustainable investments
    • Basics of ESG ratings and criteria for classifying fund products
    • Evaluation grid, transparency and quality standards
    • Illustration based on concrete case studies

Important information:

  • Four online seminars of two hours each
  • Course languages: German or French
  • ESG-CA certificate from AZEK is awarded after passing a multiple-choice examination
  • Seminar schedule
  • Exam dates 2021: 29.6.2021, date autumn 2021 not yet known