Today's clients demand competent advice and support that provides them with added value through sustainable, financially attractive investments. This requires profound knowledge of the complex interplay between sustainable and financial factors and their integration into the investment process. AZEK offers the online course for the Certified ESG Analyst CESGA with the following learning objectives:

  • Knowing the ESG impacts on risk and return from various angles
  • Systematisation of different ESG investment approaches and strategies
  • Understanding the market drivers for ESG integration
  • Embedding ESG across the whole in the investment process chain
  • Integration of ESG factors in valuation models
  • Responsible Investing accross different asset classes
  • Systematic valuation of different ESG reporting standards


  • Basic modules
    • Introduction to ESG
    • Reasons and obstacles for ESG integration, regulatory aspects, market drivers
    • Responsible Investing across different asset classes
    • ESG reporting
    • ESG in the investment process
  • Advanced modules
    • Data analysis: Availability, quality and use of data
    • Integrating ESG into analysis
    • Integrating ESG in investment valuation using practical examples
    • Investment decisions (asset allocation, security selection, portfolio construction)
    • Case study

Important to know:

  • Online course, subscription any time
  • Language: English
  • Exam dates 2021: 12.3., 11.6., 17.9., 3.12.

CESGA holders

Please find here the list of CESGA holders worldwide.