Certified International Investment Analyst - CIIA

  • Thomas Roth (German)

  • Simona Tzompova (French)

  • Gianluca Cornacchia (Italian)

  • Francesca Keller (German)

  • Thomas Birbaum (French)

  • Gianluca Cornacchia (German)

Certified International Wealth Manager - CIWM

  • Claudia Riesen (German)

  • Patrick Hasler (German)

  • Laurent Gex (French)

Financial Market Operator - FMO

  • Patrick Gaspar dos Santos (French)

  • Arnaud Sokolowski (French)

About our programs

  • CEO Andreas Jacobs on education

  • CEO Andreas Jacobs on AZEK programs

  • Jean-Sylvain Perrig, President of the SFAA